Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic Learn at Home.

Scholastic Learn at Home

Try our Scholastic Learn at Home Link: Providing free scholastic resources to support home learning.

Step 1: Click link above (Open using Browsers: Firefox or Chrome)
Step 2: Scroll down and select grade level that matches
Step 3: Select one of the units available
Step 4: You’ll be automatically transfer to that program where it will prompt you for a

- Username: Learning20, Password: Clifford (case sensitive).
- Once in program, you can explore the Unit.
- Access will be available for several weeks.
Currently our online site is live with 5 days of learning to support off site education. As our team works.

to add more material to cover a 20 day span, please feel free to engage and use this link. If you have
questions or would like some additional support during this time, please contact me directly to assist!

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